Who are we ?

Team Member

Steve Pocock

Well the 'We' is mostly 'Me'. Oh sure, there is a supporting cast in the background, but mostly they make sure 'Me' is supplied with coffee and other important things...so really, just coffee.

I've been working in the IT field for almost 30 years, delivering IT solutions for small, medium and enterprise level business, including Fortune 500 companies, in multiple countries. I've pulled cables in Auto-Plants, rewired Church Halls, setup Skype for pensioners in assisted living. You name a hat, I've probably worn it out. I've held certifications from most of the major vendors over the years, including Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, Amazon, HP, ITIL, 3CX and more.

I have a unique ability to understand your needs, explain complex technology in terms you can relate to, and tailor simple, straightforward solutions for you that stay within your budget and timeline.

Risk-Free Service

Remember when the work was done, and then you paid ? These days, everyone wants their money up-front, and you have no guarantees on completion or quality. We don't think that's right. We'll come see you, work out a solution, come up with a plan and do the work before we ask you for a red cent. Or a blue one, or whatever color ones you have really...we're not picky. When we do ask you for money, we'll give you a detailed list of what you're paying for, and why. After all, why should you pay for something we can't explain ?

Customer Satisfaction

If you're not happy, we're not happy. You don't pay until the job is done. We don't markup hardware or software, and if you want to buy it yourself, that's fine too.


Credit Card, Check, PayPal, Beer, we'll accept pretty much anything. What we won't accept is you getting ripped off. We'll do it for free before we'll let that happen.


Deal direct with the tech! We're not going to bounce you between twenty different departments. You don't have that sort of time.